Gerrarahia. No don't. Stay and meet Afro Stickers. Sticker packs made for Africa.

Packed with amazing stickers. Our sticker packs cover many aspects of life.
Everyting to make your conversations stand out!

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iMessage app.

Designed to be as flexible as possible, Afro Stickers can be easily downloaded and used right from inside the Message app!

Packs for Android.

My Android brethren won't be left behind. Afro Stickers for Android is coming soon!

High definition stickers.

Afro Stickers prides itself in producing only the highest quality stickers for our clients.

And good support.

Afro Stickers was built with care, and we treat customers the same way. Any problem or request you have, we will do our best to resolve promptly.

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A closer look. A couple of screenshots as if you weren't alreday convinced

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Best thing everrrr!
My friends love this app. Keep them coming!

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Solid work. Minimal, functional, beautiful.
And really easy to use. Five stars.

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